Now every February you’ll be my Valentine, valentine!

I have to start reading other blogs before I post during the day!  All The Weigh is having the coolest swap and I totally signed up for it!  It’s for bloggers and we get to sign up and we all get paired up with another blogger and we send them a valentine gift, isnt that soo cool??  I cant wait…I’m not going to talk about the cool thing I want to do for mine cause that person will be reading my blog to catch up on the things I like and the type of person I am so…well…maybe just a little hint…JUST KIDDING!  🙂

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I’m So Excited and I just cant hide it!

Despicable Me was a really really good movie.  I laughed a lot.  Its not like I just saw it or anything but I just think about it a lot.  There is a part in it where the youngest kid gets a stuffed unicorn and she’s sooo happy that she shouts, “IT’S SOOO FLUFFY” in this deep funny voice, almost like a growl, like, it’s so fluffy her head is going to explode!  Well, whenever I really like something I just jump to that quote…This tea is SOOO FLUFFY!!!!  I know, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sence but its like I’m equating it to what she was feeling.  So I found this and I want it as a T-Shirt soooo bad!

I’ll have to tell Dan to get it for me for our anniversary!

Yesterday I did what I sought out to do…I got home and cleaned out the garage (patting myself on the back so hard you can see it bulging thru onto the front!).  It’s not 100% cause there are still things that need to be cleaned before actually coming into the house, like pots and dishes but I literally threw away a TON of stuff and that was a big part of the garage so now its still about 1/4 filled with boxes but at least I know what’s in those boxes and there is no more garbage!  I’m 2 for 2!  Tonight is another GNO with Shanna and Jessi.  We’re going to Opa which is this greek place and then to see No Strings Attached.  I hope its good, I really wanted to see another couple of things over that one, but they both chose that one, blah, but who knows, maybe if Natalie Portman said yes it’s decent.  I’m glad its today too cause I get weighed in tonight and then I wont feel as bad having some what of a regular dinner.  I will do about 1/2 hour of my stepper today during lunch to give myself a little boost, especially since I got my crimson tide today.  BLAH!

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Games people play, night or day they’re just not matchin’

I’m a little late with this but I got to All The Weigh thru fabfindsunder50 and thought this would be nice…

Answer each question using only one word…

1. Where is your cell phone? LOST

2. Your most significant other? Best-y

3. Your hair? Brown

4. Your mother? passed

5. Your father? reliable

6. Your favorite? Food!

7. Your dream last night? Forgotten

8. Your favorite drink? coffee

9. Your dream/goal? Organized

10. What room you are in? office

11. Your hobby? scrapping

12. Your fear? losing

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? same

14. Where were you last night? cleaning

15. Something that you aren’t? punctual

16. Muffins? buttered

17. Wish list item? Food!

18. Where you grew up? Suffolk

19. Last thing you did? Blogged

20. What are you wearing? dress

21. Your TV? DVR’ing

22. Your pets? strange

23. Friends? Quality

24. Your life? amazing

25. Your mood? wanting

26. Missing someone? Yes

27. One place that I go to over and over? Orlando

28. Something you want: youth

29. Your favorite store? Amazon

30. Your favorite color? Blue

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Everything you own in a box to the left

OMGosh, it’s time to get organized.  I’m tired of having this big wonderful home that is completely taken over by boxes and crap.  I have a huge patio that I’ve wanted to do something with…like this or this or this (I mean, just picture it with a screened in patio feel):


And it was a total mess since me and my dad fixed up the kitchen…well, yesterday, while thinking to myself, how can I stop thinking about food SOOO dang much (I’m a total food-aholic and being on this restricted diet has me wanting like you have no idea) so I do what I always do, I googled what I could do to stop that process and I came across a list of things that can distract you…and guess what was on that dumb list…cleaning.  Awa man!  Well, now when I get home I realized that I don’t have anything to do since I don’t cook a ton anymore so I decided to make myself a list of things that I want to take care of before 12 noon on Saturday.  The list is:

  1.  Clean that dang patio
  2. Organize and make good use of the closets
  3. Clean that dang garage
  4. Make up a really good laundry area
  5. No more, I’m not wonder woman!

So, last night, I got home at like 5:30 or so…Dan and I had dinner and by 6:00 I was changed and working on making that patio better!  Well, I tell you what, not only does it look SOOO much better (although now it needs some decorating) but I’m sure I burned off some calories doing it and it TOTALLY distracted me from even remembering that I was trying to avoid thinking about the F word (saaaaay!).  Now, here is the crazy thing…My father comes home from work (he’s a painter) and while I’m sweeping up the patio he and Dan are moving a Ping Pong table out to the patio.  He’s been working at Scott Stapp’s house (yes, the lead singer for Creed) and they were getting rid of an old ping pong table and asked if he wanted it…well, I had mentioned to my Dad that I would LOVE to get a ping pong table for my big ol’ patio and here we got one for free, and bonus, it was a famous guys…That’s, pretty cool!  But really, how weird is it that the day I decide to make the dirty patio my bitch is the day my father brings home a big old ping pong table…maybe if I clean out the garage tomorrow he’ll bring home a car?  You think?

Perfume update:  Vanilla Chai, amazing…Very Vanilla, amazing…Peaches and Cream, amazing

Diet update:  Began 1/14 @ 164  Now: 153

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The smell of wine and cheap perfume

So I’ve gotten another set of perfumes from Valerie’s Uncommon Scents…I really love her perfumes cause they are cheap but smell ALL DAY LONG.  And with so many different scents there’s bound to be the perfect Jessica scent in there…

So the samples I got this time are:

French Vanilla Pear…Sugar Cookie…Oatmeal, Milk & Honey (one I’ve already tried and loved)…Peaches and Cream…Hello Sugar (which is a lemon tart Bath and Body Works scent that is discontinued)…Mountain Fresh (which smells like fabric softener, and who doesnt want to smell like fabric softener?!)…Very Vanilla…7-Up Pound Cake…Vanilla Chai…Cookies and Cream Pie (I’ve got to say with just smelling I’m not crazy about this one)…Pure Serenity…Pumpkin Cheesecake…Vanilla Oak.

Today I went with Vanilla Pear and I really like it but there is something lingering that has a very strong sugar smell.  I was hoping for the pear part to last longer but it hasn’t.  I think I’m going to give this one a C.  I’m going to wear the Vanilla Chai tonight to the wedding and hope that it’s not the vanilla that’s bringing that strong back smell.

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She Blinded me with SCIENCE!

So today I’ve become a mad scientist and created my own SODA.  This diet leaves me wanting like you have no idea, and this Purevia crap I bought is terrible so today I went to the grocery store during my lunch break and got, along with some needed groceries, Vanilla extract (banana and coconut as well), Perrier and Truvia.  Truvia tastes SOOO much better than the Purevia stuff and when you mix everything together you get something that tastes like cream soda!

I’ve been “dieting” since sunday, but I really wasnt doing it 100% right…I’ve been mixing around when to eat what and stuff so I think today is going to be the very first day that I have followed EXACTLY as I’m supposed to…So hopfully we’ll see SOME results tomorrow.  Dan’s already down 3 lbs, which is really good considering he lost 2 of them from yesterday to today…so he’ll probably go down another 2 for tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!

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I be up in the gym just workin on my fitness

Ugh…I really really hate diets.  I’m a worker-outter.  I did roller derby and stairs at work just so that I could eat what I want…I LOVE food…so now that I’m on a diet I’m completely miserable.  I’m trying to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by cutting out everything bad but it’s leaving me wanting…No dairy, NO NO NO sugar, NO NO NO oils, butters or fats of any kind…no bread…just pultry, spices of all kinds…soup and veggies…No sugar substitutes, only truvia or stevia…Heres the problem with Truvia…it tastes like freezer burn.  Also, it seems to separate the sweet out, like, first you taste whatever your eating…for instance, I’m not a big water person so i like mixing lemon juice with water and like, splenda right, well I made a big gallon water with the truiva and lemon juice but its like first you taste lemon, then you taste sweet, it’s really weird.  I can have coffee, but no creamer, and I LOVE creamer…I used powdered creamer with milk/1/2 and 1/2 when ever I have both available to me, so that’s gonna be hard…Also throughout the day I’ll have oranges, apples and salads…chicken for lunch and dinner and really, nothing else 😦 but i should see some major results and it’s only for a few weeks so it’s not forever…really, it’s more to get me to lose some more weight cause I’ve pretty much done a good job at maintaining my weight since I lost it all so if I can sacrifice a couple of weeks to lose another couple of lbs I’d really be happy…here’s where Im at as of last night, which is the perfect before pic…look at that belly…so big!!

so we’ll see what a few weeks of REALLY healthy eating will do for me.  I was dying for something sweet so I cut up some apples, put them in a pan with cinnamon and truvia and water and baked them which was really good…almost done with day 1 and something about  being on a diet is funny…I never really like taco bell, but I’ve been CRAVING it today…it’s like drugs, dang it!  and I’m quitting cold turkey!

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