Ch ch ch changes, turn and face the strain…cha cha changes

I’m totally robbing a fellow blogger this morning with a change post.  Mandy over at This Girls Life is the first blog I started following back about 3-4 years now (I think since her baby shower) and I can literally say there are so many things that I find similar between us and then different as well.  I think the coolest thing is that we’ve both got Dan’s and I think we’ve been with them the same amount of time (it’s going on, holy moly, 12 years for me and my Dan).

 She posted about making changes this morning and even though I always want to make changes, from big to small, I never quite stick with them.  I think for me I would like to create the perfect day…complete with minute details and all…then I would try to stick with them as much as possible until it becomes routine.  In derby, we practice things like falling, over and over and over again so that when it happens we don’t have to think, okay, what’s the best way to fall…it’s so that when it happens our body just responds the way it needs to because it’s become so habit…I’m falling, okay, flop automatically to the right way to fall, because we need to make sure we don’t hurt ourselves…same with daily routines…I need to consciously do these things over and over again until it’s just how I do them, not because I have to think about it, but because that’s just what my body and mind do.

 So if I were to post the perfect routine for a work day here’s what it would be.

 Wake up at 6:30 am

10 minute arm/stomach/leg routine…edited from when I thought about my lunch time gym cardio workout

Wash face (something I really need to do with real face wash stuff, not just soap and water, why do I have terrible skin, because I don’t wash it enough and when I do wash it it’s only soap and water…the best stuff I’ve ever used was L’Occtaine’s Rice line, which smells amazing and doesn’t dry me out…also directly “borrowed” from Mandy’s wish of things to change [I’m glad I’m not the only gal neglecting my face])

Make coffee

Pop in a small – medium load of laundry because if I do it this early it will finish and get in the dryer in time before I leave and then when the day is done so will some laundry!!)

Make a small breakfast that is healthy and cheap!  I can make an egg white, bagel thin sandwich for both Dan and I and it can be healthy and super inexpensive and like literally 5 minutes of work…no more a) stopping and spending too much on something at D&D or b) not having a breakfast and really regretting it and eating something terrible for me later!

Pop something into the crock pot (I really should be an everyday crock pot user)


Check email and internet

7:45 leave for work

1:00 gym

(this is something that needs expanding…maybe I could add in something to the morning [already done] cause I want to get more time in for certain areas like arms, legs and stomach workouts but I don’t want to take away from a full ½ hour of cardio…while watching The Biggest Loser (which technically I am, I started at 230 lbs Aug 1st of 2009 and now I’m at 155…that’s a solid 75 lbs lost…just because I wasn’t on the show doesn’t mean I’m not a Big Loser…I have to follow the same thought process of the contestants and that includes always having to have a workout routine)

5-5:30 home

Finish dinner

Either go to practice, or go skating



Fold the laundry that I washed that day

The Radio Dan Show


 Sooo, lets see what happens!


About internjessica

My name is Jessica Pac but you might know me as Intern Jessica from The Radio Dan show, or possibly as Pac Bauer, roller girl extraordinaire from The Palm Beach Rollergirls! I’m 31 in 2010 (if this blog is years and years old you do the math) and I live in beautiful Boca Raton Florida (no, I’ve yet to run into Seinfeld’s parents although I just might be dating myself with that comment!) I have an amazing husband, Dan, and a beautiful step-daughter, Alexa. I have 2 sisters, Rebecca is 4+ years younger than me, she lives about 2 hours away and Stephanie is 5+ years younger than me and she lives just about ½ hour away. She has 2 sons, my nephews, Nicky and Elliott. Nicky has autism and is progressing wonderfully as the years go by and Elliott is a wonderful younger brother! We have a cat named Charlie who is a gray tuxedo cat and for some reason I talk about him way more than I think I should, although I can’t imagine I would write a lot about him. I have a day job that I love with Waste Management and if I’m there forever I wouldn’t mind not one bit. I love going to movies and I love watching television shows. My mother passed away from brain cancer when I was 15 years old. She was a super strong super short super cool lady and I always wonder about how it would have been to have her in my life. As I mentioned before, I’m on The Radio Dan Show with my husband and I hope that this is something that we continue to do for years to come. I also play Roller Derby for a league here in Palm Beach County and although I’m nursing a broken ankle I really hope to continue to do it in the future! I’m orig from NY just like a lot of people here in Florida and I think that sums me up for now. I’m beginning this blog Nov 2010 and I hope to be able to keep up with it because I think that blogging is a wonderful way to remember things that you just don’t realize that you’ll forget. I know because I kept a blog before and sometimes when I read back through it I can’t help but be amazed about the things we’ve done and seen together throughout our lives.
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