I left my washing in the launderette…you can put some money on it you can place a little bet

Change Post Update…it’s only been 2 days!

Well, yesterday was awesome…I woke up at like 6:45am, not bad for my first day…got up, did a load of laundry (only like 5 more loads to go!) and made some breakfast for all of us…I put the chilly in the crock pot and did my sit ups and pushups…I washed up my face with face washing stuff and all was good…I did my workout during lunch and due to the rain that we’ve been getting I was unable to do my afternoon skate.  Chilly was done when we got home (and it was amazing, so simple, just put ground beef in the pot with 2 cans of chili beans, 2 jars of Newman’s Own Black bean and corn salsa, garlic and minced onion…vwa-la!)  All I did after getting home was mix in a little tomato sauce to cool down and sauce up and it was perfect with some cheese and tortillas!  I folded the laundry and we did the show…

this morning, not as good…The alarm went off and Dan and I made a deal with the red guy to sleep just another 15 minutes…which turned into another 15 minutes…before I knew it, it was 7:30!!!  Not only is that terrible for my change day 2 but it’s just terrible in general!  So I literally jumped up, threw in the laundry (thank goodness I had at least put the load I wanted in a basket by itself!) made a PB&J sandwich for the hubby, cut up and popped in the chicken for chicken soup (which I’m really thinking I didn’t put the pot on, but I’m praying I did!) and got dressed in like 15 minutes…the load was really pushing it but I JUUUUUUST made it in time to pop it into the dryer before running out of the house late as heck.  I think the hubs might have punched in a minute or 2 late, but he works in a place where that could really get you in trouble…I don’t even have my purse cause I had brought it into the bedroom last night while desperately looking for something and then could not find it this morning and didn’t even bother to check the bedroom cause I never put it there…Im really thinking I didn’t put that damn crock pot on…maybe I’ll go home for lunch instead of working out and check…that way if it is on I can put in the veggies and spices and take out the bones…gosh, I hope tomorrow is better!

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Ch ch ch changes, turn and face the strain…cha cha changes

I’m totally robbing a fellow blogger this morning with a change post.  Mandy over at This Girls Life is the first blog I started following back about 3-4 years now (I think since her baby shower) and I can literally say there are so many things that I find similar between us and then different as well.  I think the coolest thing is that we’ve both got Dan’s and I think we’ve been with them the same amount of time (it’s going on, holy moly, 12 years for me and my Dan).

 She posted about making changes this morning and even though I always want to make changes, from big to small, I never quite stick with them.  I think for me I would like to create the perfect day…complete with minute details and all…then I would try to stick with them as much as possible until it becomes routine.  In derby, we practice things like falling, over and over and over again so that when it happens we don’t have to think, okay, what’s the best way to fall…it’s so that when it happens our body just responds the way it needs to because it’s become so habit…I’m falling, okay, flop automatically to the right way to fall, because we need to make sure we don’t hurt ourselves…same with daily routines…I need to consciously do these things over and over again until it’s just how I do them, not because I have to think about it, but because that’s just what my body and mind do.

 So if I were to post the perfect routine for a work day here’s what it would be.

 Wake up at 6:30 am

10 minute arm/stomach/leg routine…edited from when I thought about my lunch time gym cardio workout

Wash face (something I really need to do with real face wash stuff, not just soap and water, why do I have terrible skin, because I don’t wash it enough and when I do wash it it’s only soap and water…the best stuff I’ve ever used was L’Occtaine’s Rice line, which smells amazing and doesn’t dry me out…also directly “borrowed” from Mandy’s wish of things to change [I’m glad I’m not the only gal neglecting my face])

Make coffee

Pop in a small – medium load of laundry because if I do it this early it will finish and get in the dryer in time before I leave and then when the day is done so will some laundry!!)

Make a small breakfast that is healthy and cheap!  I can make an egg white, bagel thin sandwich for both Dan and I and it can be healthy and super inexpensive and like literally 5 minutes of work…no more a) stopping and spending too much on something at D&D or b) not having a breakfast and really regretting it and eating something terrible for me later!

Pop something into the crock pot (I really should be an everyday crock pot user)


Check email and internet

7:45 leave for work

1:00 gym

(this is something that needs expanding…maybe I could add in something to the morning [already done] cause I want to get more time in for certain areas like arms, legs and stomach workouts but I don’t want to take away from a full ½ hour of cardio…while watching The Biggest Loser (which technically I am, I started at 230 lbs Aug 1st of 2009 and now I’m at 155…that’s a solid 75 lbs lost…just because I wasn’t on the show doesn’t mean I’m not a Big Loser…I have to follow the same thought process of the contestants and that includes always having to have a workout routine)

5-5:30 home

Finish dinner

Either go to practice, or go skating



Fold the laundry that I washed that day

The Radio Dan Show


 Sooo, lets see what happens!

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You’ve got to accen…tuate the possitive

I love having lunch with my work gals.  It’s funny because I even sometimes have lunch with the people I used to work with at my last job and even though I’ll be here at Waste Management for 3 years in November I still get to meet up with them maybe 1-2 times every couple of months.  One of my new team mates even knows one of those gals so it’s a small world after all!  Well, here at WM I’ve been moved to another building (July it will be a year) and so I have lunch with some of the girls from that building every now and then too, and they crack me up because I am super positive.  I mean, I am literally high on life…Like, I LOVE my life so much that my greatest fear is either waking up to find that really I’m just some crack head living on the streets in NYC or that something will happen and I’ll just have it all taken away from me.  Anyway, I’m always trying to see the positive side of everything and these gals are positively negative, but in a very funny way, so I always have fun being the obvious positive person in this negative group and it always make me crack up!  I love these girls!

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Cause I’ve been acting like sour milk all on the floor…

I am a terrible blogger…I cannot tell you how many times I’ve started posting and then just didn’t finish.

 So Dan and my anniversary in Orlando was amazing.  I loved Universal and we had dinner at the Melting Pot, which I forgot how much I love it there.

 My roller derby team won their first bout in Lakeland in February and it was amazing. Then they went to Jacksonville a couple of weeks ago and lost but it was still a lot of fun (and Dan and I got to hang out in Jacksonville!).  I got some amazing toe guards for my skates…custom made!  I just did my 2 and 2 in 25 and had amazing time (this is a requirement to get skirted so that I can beginning playing in Bouts again…2 and 2 in 25 is 2 laps around the bottom of a hill, then up and 2 laps around the top in less than 25 mins…It’s pretty much 5 miles in less than 25 mins and I did it in 19:57, under 20, which was my main goal anyway!).  So I think I will get my min skills down by the 9th and be able to bout.  We did the Del Ray St Patty’s Day Parade and it was a hoot and a half!  We got to hang out with Abby who was awesome!


I found a white porcelain sink in craigslist for free and so my dad is installing it (its taking a little more than we realized cause the spouts are in different spots and that means you have to change the entire piping, which is turning out to be a pain).  It’s really the finishing touch on my kitchen and then it’s really pretty done.  I’d really like to get something like a rack that has pull out drawers for things like my rice cooker and griddle so that I can just pull it out and use it there when I want to use it and then just push it back in when I’m done…that would be awesome…I always have so many ideas but never the ability to make it happen!

 The most amazing thing happened to me that has simply changed my quality of life.  Shanna’s sister in law is a cleaning gal and I begged her to take me on…She is so wonderful and I simply cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have someone clean up for you weekly…not only does it make me more conscious of my own cleaning, I tend to put things away because I don’t want to be a burden for her, but I feel so much better knowing that my home will now be mopped, dusted and scrubbed weekly and that I don’t have to do it.  It might be pretentious to have someone when I’m an able bodied woman, but I’m just not a cleaner and I know that about me so since I can afford it it’s the best thing I’ve done since meeting Dan!

 Dan and I’s trip to Las Vegas is coming together nicely…I just ordered the shirts and they are way less expensive than I thought they would be.  We’ve got a lot on our list for the time we’re there but all should be a blast, lots of playing around and trying to promote talkradiox and all of our shows.  I hope this works!

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A, B, C, D, E, F, G….

Age: 31
Bed size: Queen
Chore you hate: ALL OF THEM
Dogs: too much responsibility
Essential start of your day: COFFEE
Fave color: BLUE (but I bleed purple and silver)
Gold or silver: silver
Height: 5’2”
Instruments I play: none…does recorder count
Job title: Sales Analyst
Live: 8-9pm EST Sun-Thurs on www.talkradiox.com
Mom’s name: Jitter (nick-name)
Nicknames: Pac Bauer (Roller Derby) and Intern Jessica (also JPac at work…it reminds me of Jay-Lo, tee hee, I’m so diva!)
Overnight hospital stays: None, even though I BROKE MY ANKLE…didnt stay anywhere other than home
Pet peeve: People not using their turn signals
Quote from a movie (I’m gonna do TV show): “It’s Reality Show Clip Time” Joel Mchail from The Soup…he cracks me up when he does it, seriously!
Right or left handed: Right.
Siblings: 2 sisters
Time you wake up: work days 7:15am weekend 8:30am
Underwear: Yes
Veg you dislike: raw white onions, asparagus
What makes you run late: EVERYTHING…I’m always late and I always feel terrible about it!
X-rays you have had done: ankle, shoulder, knees
Yummy food you make: So many, not cause I’m amazing at cooking, just cause I know what I like to eat the best
Zoo Animal, favorite: Panda Bear

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I say now let’s play a game

A Short Survey

1) What is your favorite household chore?  And what is your least favorite?
I hate all household chores…a lot.  The chore I hate the most would be washing dishes…the one I don’t mind as much is…I literally cannot think of one…mopping/sweeping…hate it…laundry, HATE IT…dusting?  Hate it!  Cat Litter??  Hate it, but I do it the most because if you don’t do it after literally a couple of days that cat will make you pay by going elsewhere.

2)What is your favorite city?

3) Have you found real love yet?
Yes, his name is Radio Dan…he’s my besty

4) What’s one thing you eat almost everyday?

5) What was your last thought before falling asleep last night?
I don’t remember

6) What’s the worst injury you had as a child?
Child, it was when I got stitches in my hand, I was only 5 but I remember the entire incident…I was climbing a tree and it had a nail in it and I cut myself…I had to go to the ER and I got stitches and you can still see the scar…The worst injury ever was breaking my ankle though…thanks Roller Derby!

7) Will you/have you worked out today?
Not today, I have to go to the nutritionist to weigh in, but I’d like to do something this weekend.

8) Do you tweet? If so, what’s your name?
I have a twitter account but since I don’t have a phone and before then I turned off the internet on it I didn’t do it as much…I think it’s internjessica

9) List three things you wouldn’t want to live without:
Dan, my job and my home…3 things that are trivial but I love?  Eye make-up (literally nothing else in the make-up section, I love lip gloss and I usually think I want to wear it more than I do and I would never use face make-up cause it makes me break out worse than I am just in general), my skates, now that I’m back on them again, and the internet

10) How old were you when you had your first kiss?
The first guy I ever kissed was my first boyfriend that I had at 15 (which is terrible of me because he was older and I told him I was 16)

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Vacation’s all I ever wanted!

Now we’re booked and it’s official!  The hubby and I are hitting Orlando for our Anniversary!  We were thinking that we were going to do something nice, we both took the day off (Friday the 11th of February) so we thought that since I still had a couple of tickets left over from when we went to Universal Studios for Dan’s birthday that we could do that and sure enough the hotel was a deal and it all seems great.  We’re heading up there Thursday night, the hotel is one that’s really close and has a free shuttle to the park (so no parking) and it has a free continental breakfast but it also has a Denny’s in the same parking lot, which for us is AWESOME!  Then, we’ll go to the park on Friday and hopefully it won’t be too crowded since it’s a Friday and not the weekend.  Then we’re there until Sunday so we can spend the entire day Saturday just hanging out doing Orlando stuff I’m thinking DownTown Disney…movies and other fun things.  The hotel is only costing us like 200 total and I’m really looking forward to bringing along some cute valentine lingerie that I just bought, surprise for the hubby!  Tee hee!  Also, for our Anniversary dinner I’m taking him to The Melting Pot because not only is it literally right up the road but I got a coupon in my email for free desert fondue.  You cant beat that with a stick!

 The other night my father and I went to a Hooka bar and it was a hoot!  We had watermelon hooka and he had a coffee and it was so good cause they gave him these packs of crystal sugar called White Lion Honey Pearls and they were just so yummy!  It was movie night so we saw the end of Running Man (Dicky Dawson Death!) and the first ½ of Predator.  It was fun!

 Also, the other day T-mobile totally hooked me up with a new phone (I should be getting that soon I would hope) and a better service plan…best part is that I get my internet back, yay!  And we’ll be paying 10 less than we do now, you can’t beat that with a stick!

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